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Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed by the alteration of limestone under high temperature and/or high pressure. Marbles formed from pure calcite limestones are white, with a sugary texture. Impurities in the limestone may lead to the formation of new minerals, giving the marble a variety of colours. 

The unique texture derives from the size and uniformity of the grains within it, its special colours due to the various elements and compounds it contains. This brecciation is a part of marble’s appeal - rocks recrystallised under intense heat and pressure being created at their most natural.

The luxurious appearance and cool touch of marble make it an ever popular choice and the perfect material for bathrooms and living areas. Less durable and more porous than granite (and more easily scratched or stained), we do not recommend the use of marble in higher maintenance areas such as kitchens.

Due to the almost infinite variation of this natural product it is not possible to show every possible type. Below are just a few representative examples.

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