LUNDHS Granite


Larvikite is the product of minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat and pressure 300 million years ago, before slowly cooling down to create one of the worlds most unique feldspars. When the last large ice sheets covering Scandinavia retreated 100,000 years ago, the rock formations containing Larvikite were revealed. The turn of the 20th century saw the first commercial quarrying of Larvikite, cherished for its beauty and durability. With craftsmanship and knowledge gained over three generations of quarrying, LUNDHS AS was founded by Thor Lundh in 1962. Today, refined with impeccable craftsmanship, the Lundhs Real Stone ranges all share an alluring beauty and rock solid qualities - making them the perfect choice for your modern working surface.


LUNDHS Real Stone offers you the possibility to create tailor made work surfaces of the highest quality. With a choice of four colours, two distinct surface finishes and different edge profiles, you have a range of options to perfectly suit your favourite interior style.