Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

New stone worktops require a little day to day care. They are pre-treated with a liquid silicone sealer which reduces its natural porosity and provides a protective coating. It will take 7 days for the sealer to fully dry. Do not use the worktop for at least 24 hours then take care during the following few days.

Clean stone surfaces regularly with water containing soap or a neutral mild detergent (see above) and a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse off surfaces with clean water. Polish dry with a soft cloth. Alternatively use an 'E Cloth' surface cleaning system for a consistent, smear free finish every time.

Use a Home Care Kit which contains neutral detergent, sealer and polishing cream for ongoing care and maintenance of stone worksurfaces. Kits can be obtained from us. Avoid use of abrasive cleaning materials: scouring powders, steel wool, metal brushes, etc.

Never use bleach and other chlorine based cleaners, acids, photographic development liquid , alkalis (caustic soda) or concentrated disinfectants on stone surfaces. If any of these come into contact with the stone, clean them off immediately, otherwise surface damage will occur. Do not allow surface deposits to build up e.g. powder detergents, mineral deposits and salts.

Strongly coloured foodstuffs, such as blackcurrant and beetroot, can stain stone surfaces. Acidic foodstuffs such as citrus juice, vinegars and cola will etch the stone surface. Always use pan stands and trivets to protect stone surfaces from hot and rough pans and utensils. Direct contact from iron, steel, ceramic and copper vessels can scratch and stain the stone surfaces.

Always use cutting boards to chop and slice food upon. Never cut directly onto the stone surfaces.

Stone is a natural material. The variations in its structure, pattern and colour are characteristic and constitute part of its appeal and value.

Over time, with normal kitchen use, stone worksurfaces will acquire a patina that reflects the use to which they have been put. It is normal for the original high sheen to weather and mellow in this way.

Never stand, sit or put heavy weights on the worktop, especially around sinks and hobs where the material may be weaker.